Acapulco, Limehouse Issue 2

So it was a Sunday night, and I was in the mood for a double date. However, Dave and Carrie flaked. No other way to describe it, guys. Luckily for me, my boy Orlando can keep me entertained all by himself, so we both got dressed up for each other and walked into Acapulco, on 7 South Great Georges Street.

The twinkle of fairy lights and the sound of people laughing inside is kind of magnetic. We were seated upstairs on their balcony. It’s only when you’re up there that you can see the restaurant at its best – from the metal lanterns over the diners to the brightly painted wooden chairs and fairy lights at every table.

From reading the starter menu, which had options like Mexican Potato Skins, Quesadillas, and Buffalo Wings, we both decided to share the Chilli Sizzlers, and a potion of Nachos Supreme- it’s more fun to share this kind of food. While we sat, talking about what this restaurant would look like if we turned it into a house, our waitress came with our drinks – water for me and a Coca Cola for Orlando. Problem was, the Coke was flat – and Orlando was wondering whether to send it back, but our waitress passed by so he started by saying, “I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but…” Anyway, the waitress apologised and so she gave him a new one on her, which I thought was nice. Although it was just as flat as before, Orlando remarked that it “didn’t taste like spit”, and therefore the waitress was good in our books.

Then the starters arrived. The Nachos Supreme (€7.50) was an overflowing bowl of homemade Tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, creamy guacamole, salsa and soured cream. It was while we were destroying these Nachos with our hands that I was kind of glad that Dave and Carrie weren’t there to see how shambolic we are with our food.  Alongside the Nachos were our Chilli Sizzlers (€6.50). These were six Jalapeno Peppers filled with cream cheese and coated in breadcrumbs. When our waitress was taking away the plates, Orlando and I were talking about going up to Bia Bar afterwards for Sundown. However, it was doubtful that I’d make it that far, because I was feeling very full, and at that point, I could only manage to sit kind of slumped in the chair, listening to James Brown and the sound of the other diners.

From the large choice on the Main Course menu, such as Flautas, Chillies, and burgers, I had ordered the house speciality, a Fajita Platter (€16.95) with Spicy Chicken, and Orlando had the Pizza Mexicana with Chilli Beef (€13.95). Both dishes were available with different meat toppings. We also got a bowl of Wedges (€3.95) and a Side Salad (€4.25) between us. My Fajita Platter was, frankly, really impressive. The Spicy Chicken, and char-grilled vegetables were served on a hot platter, still smoking as it arrived. Then, in a small lidded basket were four warm homemade flour tortillas. It was served with Salsa, Soured Cream and creamy Guacamole. Although I have to say that the flour tortillas were smaller than I would have expected, it probably worked in my favour, because after two of the over-stuffed Fajita wraps that I assembled, I couldn’t even think about eating any more food. It was a pity, too, because they tasted beautiful – I imagine that it’s what authentic Mexican Fajita’s taste like; soft, barbequed and slightly sweet. I will have to say, though, that they were a bit too oily, and I would have liked if I was served cheese with it, too.

Orlando’s choice – the Pizza Mexicana, I had tried the last time I visited Acapulco. The base of the “Pizza” was constructed from two Flour Tortillas, baked with refried beans, Chilli Beef, cheese and vegetables. Orlando said it was even better this time , but I honestly just took his word for it on account of my jaw refusing to open for any more food. Of what I recall about the Pizza, it is the kind of thing that you close your eyes to eat, just to savour each bite. Absolutely wonderful.

When our waitress came around, we asked could we have doggy bags – waste not and all that. I was regretting not being physically able to eat a dessert, because their Mexican Fried Ice-cream looked amazing, and I promised myself another trip back there one day. After that, it was a long wait for the bill, and we were anticipating standing up and trying to walk – not actually knowing if we would be able to manage or not. The bill came to €53.10, which is reasonable for the amount of food we ordered, but more than I would have paid in hindsight. I mean, I could have done without the side salad and wedges. Anyway, we donned our coats and left, walking up to Stephen’s Street. It wasn’t until the next afternoon that I cracked open my leftover Fajitas. As I sat at home, watching the Soprano’s on the internet, I was glad that Acapulco gave me so much to eat. The Americans give it such bad press, but based on that night, I’d consider going there for Spring Break.


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  1. Miranda Twiss

    good review – definately a place to go if you are hungry.

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