Cornucopia, 19 Wicklow Street

Written: October 22nd 2008

It had been a busy day for the students of Dublin, and after a few hours of yelling “No way, we won’t pay” from O’Connell Street to the Dáil Buildings, a girl like me soon felt the hunger pangs that only an afternoon of lively protest can bring. I was with my friends Miriam and Caroline , and the three of us didn’t have any problem with taking a detour on the way back to college in order to drop into Cornucopia, a vegetarian restaurant on Wicklow Street, to get some lunch.

When the three of us walked in, we were greeted by a cosy room, lightly adorned with Halloween decorations, and filled with single people at four seated tables. Needless to say, the three of us did the deed of looming over the other patrons until somebody budged. Then we ordered at the counter (a self-service type of deal). I chose a Tomato and garlic soup with two of the freshly made breads – a slice of tomato bread and a butternut squash scone with mixed herbs. I was a little surprised that bread didn’t come with the soup, but there were many different types to choose from, which is rare to find anywhere to be honest (or at least in any place I can afford to eat in)

Cornucopia boasts healthy, vegetarian meals. My friends got a caramelised onion quiche, and a Potato and Cumin Soup. Other things on offer today included a mushroom lasagne, a Thai green curry, a selection of salads, and homemade desserts.

The tomato soup, which I expected to be of Mediterranean style, was in fact thick, creamy and full of flavour. I am a garlic fan, and this soup was just right in that sense. It also gave me the feeling that I was eating a meal – something I relish in soups, and hardly ever find, especially with tomato. The tomato bread I ate first. Thick, moist and slightly sweet, it complemented the soup beautifully; although I doubt that there was enough tomato flavour in the bread to let its taste stand up alone. The scone, however, was absolutely perfect. Crispy on the outside, soft and bursting with butternut squash in the centre – I could have eaten two or three of these as a meal by themselves. This one, buttered and torn into my soup, like the unsophisticated lady that I am, was the perfect autumnal filler.  I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch today in Cornucopia. The only real downfall was when I purchased overpriced lemonade, foolishly thinking that it too, like the breads and desserts, would be homemade. The bottled apple/lemon drink I was given just didn’t sit well after such a beautiful meal. Next time I’ll remember to order a fresh juice instead.

Large Soup                  €4.50

Slice Tomato Bread    €0.80

Savoury Scone            €1.95

Butter                          €0.10

Lemonade                   €2.99

The total cost of my lunch in Cornucopia was €10.34. They offer Student discounts at 12% also, which brought my meal down to €9.10. 

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